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Saturday, July 20, 2024

-The Rattlesnake Poem / The Dutchman's Prayer

 The Dutchman’s Prayer  
(The Rattlesnake Poem)

As Recited By Evangelist David A. Gallimore 

Up in the hills of Ole’ Kentuck,
The meanest place that e'er was struck,
There lived a man named Jacob Jobe,
The meanest man on this ole’ globe.

He feared not God
Nor cared for man,

Except his wild
And wicked clan.

He had six boys, all big and bad,

Who followed right behind their dad.
They drank that Wildcat Whiskey down,
And painted red their country town.

He had six gals, b
ig husky gals,
Who danced and frolicked with their pals.
They danced and pranced upon the hills
And, sometimes, tippled at the stills.

Then, one day an awful rattlesnake

Bit the oldest boy, Big Wicked Jake.
Through his veins the virus flew;
"He's bound to die, what shall we do?"

In haste they sent a runner down

To fetch the Parson from the town
A Dutchman of John Wesley's band,
As good as any in the land.

He prayed a wondrous, curious prayer,

In words of faith both rich and rare.
And If to heaven it reached or not,
On earth it surely hit the spot.

Oh God, we thank Thee for this snake.

That Thou has sent to bite ole’ Jake.
To fetch him down from his high hoss,
and lead him to the Savior's cross.

And now O God the Great I AM.

Please send another to bite old Sam
And Jack and John, the worst of rakes,
Oh, God we need more rattlesnakes!

Send chicken snakes to bite the gals
And all their wicked dancing pals.
And mama Jobe she needs one too;
Perhaps a copperhead will do.

And now, Oh God before too late,

Please hurry up these Gospel snakes,
And save this ole’ Kentucky State,
I ask it all for Jesus sake.